W Stick USB Flash Drive

W Stick, a new startup, is making a USB Flash drive with built in Wi-Fi network that allows wireless access of data without cables or internet. The wireless solution help feel free from tangling wires while sharing or transferring data between various devices. As mobile phone technology were also changed, when it just have contacts and maybe some images in it. Now smartphones had changed the way it used to be with different apps, music, movies and many more that need lots of space in the device.

The W Stick is an innovative device with potential to revolutionize the way the people store their data. The W Stick wireless flash drive will allow users to access their data, such as files, music, photos directly from their device to the flash drive. As smartphones have limited storage and require external hard drives to store data that need wires or cables for accessing the data. With up to 256GB of storage capacity, the W Stick allows users to store whatever they want and no need to worry about storage.

W Stick

The USB features different storage capacities with 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB along with password protection to secure data. W Stick includes three plugs, i.e., a micro USB plug, a standard plug and a lightning connector, that allows to work with Macs and PCs, iOS products or Android devices. The device works with Type C devices, Apple Devices, Android Devices, Cameras, Speakers, TVs, and Projectors. The device also supports USB 3.0 that improves power consumption, data rate, pairing reliability, and speed. The company also provides multiple color for the product i.e., Silver, Black and Golden.

W Stick had launched a campaign on Indiegogo, “W Stick: Carry your Data with ease wherever you go” to introduce its product and to start the mass production. The campaign has successfully reached the goal to begin the manufacturing of the product. To know more details on startup or about their product, check https://igg.me/at/WStick/


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